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On October 16th, advocates gathered at the LSU Women’s Center for the Office on Women's Health Celebration in recognition of the establishment of a new office. Governor John Bel Edwards signed Senate Bill 116, now ACT 676, on June 18th to establish the Office on Women’s Health within the Louisiana Department of Health.


During the celebration, advocates for women’s health engaged in a panel discussion on “where we go from here” now that the Office on Women’s Health is currently being created. More specifically, the panel emphasized the importance of community and civic engagement and holding policymakers accountable for fulfilling the purpose of the Office and ensuring that health outcomes of Louisiana women improve. 


The celebration included recognizing several individuals including Alma Stewart Allen, President and Founder of Louisiana Center for Health Equity and Organizer of the Campaign to Establish the Louisiana Office on Women's Health, who was recognized for her leadership and activism. In addition to Mrs. Allen, Congressman Troy Carter was acknowledged for his role as sponsor of the initial legislation prior to his election to Congress. Representative C. Denise Marcelle, sponsor of the bill in the House of Representatives and Senator Regina Barrow, author of the legislation that passed this year, were recognized as well.


This event brought many advocates and supporters together to honor and reflect on the journey for equitable health. While recognizing that the establishment of this office is indeed a monumental milestone in the journey to improving Louisiana women’s health outcomes, advocates said it does not end there.


The Office on Women's Health Celebration hosts were the Louisiana Center for Health Equity, League of Women Voters of Louisiana, American Association of University Women, National Congress of Black Women, The Preemie Mom Coach and 10,000 Women. This celebration has been made possible through our proud sponsor, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan (UHC). UHC has been on this journey with us from the very beginning.


Check out video honoring the journey to establishing the Louisiana Office on Women’s Health here.

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