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Join the Louisiana Center for Health Equity, in collaboration with the Louisiana Department of Health, Pennington Biomedical Research Center and additional partners, on Oct 3 & 4, 2023 at Pennington Biomedical Research Center Conference Center, 2328 Irene Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70808 for two days filled with insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and collaborative sessions.

The 2023 Health Summit: Advancing Population Health, Equity and Well-Being is an exciting conference dedicated to exploring innovative approaches and strategies to improve the health and well-being of our communities. The 2023 Health Summit will focus on population health, as women and children are severely impacted in Louisiana. The overall purpose of the health summit is to expand collaboration and engagement on LA40by2030, our bold vision of improving health outcomes and the quality of life for Louisiana children and families. The ultimate goal of our collective work is for Louisiana to rank in the top 40 for health outcomes by 2030. This work includes identifying, developing, and promoting practices and policies to support children and families.

The Summit will open on Tuesday, October 3 at 1:00 PM - 5:30 PM and resume on Wednesday, October 4 at 8:30 AM until 3:30 PM with breaks, including a lunch break. Regular registration rate is $100 until September 21.

Keynote Speakers Announced

We are proud to announce that the 2023 Health Summit distinguished opening keynote speaker will be Camara P. Jones, MD, MPH, PhD, a family physician, epidemiologist, and Past President of the American Public Health Association whose work focuses on naming, measuring, and addressing the impacts of racism on the health and well-being of our nation and the world.

Jahmal Miller, MHA, DHL, an internationally recognized leader and expert on issues pertaining to health care, public health, health equity, mental health and public policy, will serve as morning session keynote speaker.

LaQuandra Nesbitt, MD, MPH, a highly sought-after expert in population health and wellness with over a decade of experience leading population health initiatives in governmental public health agencies will be the closing keynote speaker.

Who Should Attend?

This summit will bring together leading voices on improving the health and well-being of women, children and families. Healthcare professionals, service providers, insurers, researchers, educators, faith-based and non-profit organizations and businesses, as well as policymakers, local and state elected officials, advocates, community health leaders, and the general public will convene to work together on developing key strategies and promoting alignment and collaboration to support better health outcomes across Louisiana.

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NEW: Pre-Conference Workshop with Dr. Camara P. Jones - Confronting Racism Denial: Tools for Naming Racism and Moving to Action

Register now for a pre-conference workshop with Camara P. Jones, MD, MPH, PhD. entitled Confronting Racism Denial: Tools for Naming Racism and Moving to Action on Tuesday, October 3rd from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM at PBRC Conference Center in Baton Rouge. $45/person in advance.

Known for her allegories on “race” and racism which enable inclusive dialogue on critical public health issues, Dr. Jones is a family physician, epidemiologist, and Past President of the American Public Health Association (APHA). As President of APHA (2016), Dr. Jones launched a National Campaign Against Racism. The initiative catalyzed the first of what are now 260 declarations by local jurisdictions (city councils, county commissions, and state legislatures) across 41 U.S. states and the District of Columbia that “Racism is a public health crisis.”

Racism is a roadblock to achieving racial equity in the United States, yet many people are in denial of its continued existence and profoundly negative impacts on the health and well-being of the nation. And even those who acknowledge that racism exists sometimes feel ill-equipped to say the word “racism” out loud or take action to address it. Dr. Jones aims to inspire and equip participants to engage in anti-racism as a sustained process with three tasks: 1) name racism, 2) ask “How is racism operating here?”, and 3) organize and strategize to act.

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Hotel and Lodging Information

Arrangements for lodging for the 2023 Health Summit have been made with the following hotel:

  • Crown Plaza Hotel, 4728 Constitution Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA 

  • Telephone: 225-930-0106

To reserve your room for October 2 and 3 at a rate of $106.00 per night, please use code CHE.

Continuing Education Opportunities

As an incentive, we are pursuing continuing education credits for physicians, nurses, attorneys, and social workers.

For more information, visit

Health Summit Reports

To view past health summit executive summaries, please click the links below. 


Health Summit Partners

This summit, hosted by Louisiana Center for Health Equity, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, and Louisiana Department of Health will feature multiple panels, breakout sessions, and workshops, as well as opportunities to network. Stay connected for information about our sessions and speakers as plan are finalized.

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